Life After MasterChef NZ 2015

What a finale on Masterchef NZ; Tim and Leo fighting it out to be MasterChef 2015.  I would have loved to have been in that final!  That first challenge was right up my alley – I would have blitzed it!  Frenching lamb racks, boning chicken and occasionally fish filleting are what I do on a day to day basis as a butcher. I’ve developed some great knife skills over the years so chopping vegetables wouldn’t have been a problem.

The second challenge was the fun one. For the street food dish, I think I would have done soft taco with the fish. Maybe crispy skinned with avocado, shredded lettuce, tomato salsa and chipotle sour cream. For the comfort food dish, I would have done a chicken pie, using my sour cream pastry (see below in the pie recipe), with leeks, corn and gravy.  Yes, I do like a good pie!  For the fine dining, it would have been definitely the lamb rack, crusted with seeds such as pumpkin, sesame and sunflower, and served with blue cheese and white miso.

As to that desert challenge, well what a challenge that was.  Neither of the lads got every one of the nine elements to their plate, there certainly was a lot to do under pressure.   It was called “Smoked Chocolate Duo Fueilletine with Black Garlic Ice Cream.”  Not something I would make at home, and working with all that chocolate certainly was a test.  I don’t know how I would have gone in that, it is one of those recipes where things needed to go well at each step.

But, it is all over now and congratulations to both Tim and Leo, I was proud of them both and glad I can now call them mates.   Leo lives quite close to me, and the company he works for, Patoa Pigs, is one of Harris Meats’ suppliers.   We have Filipinos working for us, and they were very excited to see Leo do so well.   Two of them recently cooked for him at my brother’s house, and served up what is apparently one of the national favourites, dinuguan.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to taste it but reports were it was lovely, although there were a few funny faces when people were told they had eaten a stew made with pork and pork blood!

We are developing this website further and I will be regularly adding all sorts of foodie news from recipes through to ideas for using the current season’s produce.   There’s a few restaurants and cafes I visit which I will write about, and if I discover some yummy new products, I’ll give those a mention too.   I am busy developing some new Harris Meats products, and some more and new ideas to use some of our fabulous meat.

I’m also going to be appearing at different places, from cooking sausages outside a Four Square shop in some part of North Canterbury through to helping at Glenda’s stall at the Kaikoura Seafood Festival this weekend.  If you would like to talk to me about coming to an event or location, please get in contact.  Send an email to me via jane@harrismeats.co.nz

I often describe my experience of being in the MasterChef competition as like being a journey, and that journey is still underway.   So come on the journey and road with me, stick around, check this website and my facebook page as I endeavour to bring you the delights of the beautiful North Canterbury region, and share my passion for food with you.

I'm at the Kaikoura Seafest this weekend (3 October), and will be in the Harris Meats shop in Hall Street, Cheviot, all next week.  Be great to see you, come and say HI!

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